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GSTR Solutions

With GSTroboTM Return Filing Solutions you can ensure your business remains GST optimised and compliant and provide integration with your ERPs for easy filing for all taxpayers including composition dealers as well. You can file GSTR 1, GSTR 3b, GSTR 4 and GSTR 6 through our Cloud-based Application or our Offline Utility or our Public APIs.

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GSTR Solutions
GSTroboTM Solutions

E-way Bill

Want to deliver goods faster while meeting E-way Bill compliances?

A platform specially designed for your needs whether you are consigner, transporter or consignee. We help you reduce time for the delivery of goods and monitor your goods. You can generate, update or extend validity of your e-way bill with one click from GSTrobo mobile app or cloud application.

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E-way Bill Application

Why Us

Faster integration with source/ERP system

Error free Record keeping

Pan-India visibility with one single login

Collaboration platform for Transporters, Consigners and Consignees

Get Regular Updates

Easy compliance with the GST and EWB Rules

Seamless and user-friendly GST and EWB solutions and APIs

Over 3 Decade Technological Experience

ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

User Friendly Mobile Applications

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  • GST Rate Cut: How it will influence Consumers and Manufacturers
    Goods and Service Tax, commonly known as GST is a single indirect tax that came into effect after 1st July 2017. Under the GST bill, a multi-tier tax slab was introduced that eradicated all the other separate taxes that were being levied. The four tax slabs that were introduced and were applicable to commodities and services were- 28%, 18%, 12%, and 5%. These were introduced because it didn’t seem fit to levy the same tax on a daily necessity as the one levied on luxury items. The Tax Rates Cut At its 28th meeting, the GST Council made a decision to reduce the tax rates on more than 50 commodities and services ranging from daily use FMCG products to white goods like air conditioners and refrigerators. Under this new tax rate cut, many items that were under 12% or 18% tax slabs now have complete tax exemption.
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Latest Industry Updates

  • Common Enrolment for GSTIN Registered Transporters has been enabled on the E-way Bill Portal as per Rule 58 amended through Notification No. 28/2018 – Central Tax New Delhi, on 19th June, 2018. This notification stated that a transporter who is registered in more than one State or Union Territory having the same Permanent Account Number, he may apply for a unique common enrolment number by submitting the details in FORM GST ENR-02 using any one of his Goods and Services Tax Identification Numbers, and upon validation of the details furnished, a unique common enrolment number shall be generated and communicated to the said transporter.

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